The 2019 -2020 MLB season is a little over three-quarters of the way to completion. Most teams have played at least 130 of their 162-game schedules. With the completion of the season in our sights, we look at a few early playoff predictions.

The Houston Astros, who had the balls (lol get it?) to trade away 4 top prospects to acquire the $54,000,000 salary that comes along with Starting Pitcher Zack Greinke, are my current favorite to capture the World Series Championship. Houston is currently 87-48 but more importantly 51-17 at home and 8-2 in their last 10 games. At the time of writing this article, the Astros are as close as a lock can be to winning the American League West and securing home field advantage. Yankees fans have now entered the chat… Don’t fret my friends from New York, I have barely chosen Houston over your hometown boys. The Yankees are my second favorite team to hoist the Commissioners Trophy. New York is currently 88-47 and as near a lock as Houston to take the American League East Division title. It is hard to bet against the Yankees with the Roster they have, and in my opinion, you can’t really go wrong if you pick either of these teams to be World Series Champions. In the National League, it is also a two-headed race in both the Atlanta Braves and the LA Dodgers. Cubs fans may scoff at this statement as the club made a flurry of last-minute acquisitions that could turn out to make Chicago somewhat of a, dare I say it, “sleeper pick”. Don’t worry if you think I have struck out on these predictions and this article, like I said, this is merely – a few early playoff predictions. More to come.