As we enter into the Bye-Week of the 2019/2020 Regular Season and approach the All-Star weekend on January 24-26, here are a few things to consider as NHL fans around the world root for their favorite teams to solidify a spot in the home stretch to the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

For the Eastern Conference, things are looking pretty good for Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals as they sit atop the Conference with 71 points. Ovechkin and the Capitals are once again playing to the level we witnessed during their Stanley Cup Championship season (2018) and look like they have a terrific chance at repeating that feat. Nipping at the heels of the Capitals are the Boston Bruins, sitting at 68 pts. 1 point behind The Bruins is Crosby’s Penguins at 67 pts. With Crosby back in action, the Pens seemed to have new found life in their skates with 2 wins in a row. 

After 3rd place in the Eastern Conference, we have a battle royale from 4th place Tampa Bay – 10th place Toronto with there being a mere 5 point swing. Expect to see some seriously good hockey over the next couple months as teams in the Eastern Conference battle to solidify a spot in the playoff run to the cup.

As for the Western Conference, it is a bit different in the fact that the point difference for the majority of the conference is as tight as a drum. We have St. Louis on top with 68 points, followed by Colorado with 62 points, and in third place, the surging Dallas Stars who have been hot winning 7 of their last 10 games, putting them at 58 points. The point difference between 3rd and 10th in the Western Conference is only 4 points!

Another surging and very hot team is the Chicago Blackhawks, sitting in 10th place with 54 points. After winning 7 of their last 10 games, the Hawks are on a 5 game winning streak. With that being said – and considering how tight the Western Conference is right now – Chicago is only 3 points behind Arizona for the second wild card spot into the playoffs. 

Let’s see if the Hawks can keep the streak alive tonight against the Florida Panthers, who subsequently are also on a 5 game winning streak and have won 7 of their last 10 games, and are 3rd in the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference with 61 points. 

Things are definitely heating up in the West with the current standings being anyone’s for the taking. Take a couple losses, and next thing you know you’re scrambling for a wild card spot to the big show. 

It may be too early to predict who gets in, but the next few months are sure to produce some amazing playoff-type hockey, which could lead to a wild finish of the 2019/2020 Regular Season. The aforementioned Capitals lead the current outright odds to win the cup at +750, followed by St. Louis (+800) and Colorado (+900). See all outright odds here: