It would appear there is a potential return for Conor Mcgregor since his last fight and subsequent loss/suspension at UFC 229. Only difference this time around – it is a return to the ropes as opposed to the cage. Fellow Irish country-man and Middleweight boxer Luke Keeler called out Mcgregor on Twitter after an incident in an pub in Ireland when Mcgregor punched an old man sitting at the bar. Keeler said “Sad to see @TheNotoriousMMA stoop so low, did the same to a friend of mine couple of years ago and still walking around acting the gangster…”. This apparently made its way to Conor who is reported to have called Keeler and a heated argument ensued. During this phone call, Keeler offered to “put Conor in his place” to which a mutual agreement was made to suit up in 16oz mitts. Whether or not this fight will happen could be an odd-line all on its own. If the fight does indeed get signed and booked, we can see a lot of handicappers putting Luke as the favorite. Keeler has won his last 8 fights, while Conor has lost 2 of his last 3 (Diaz / Khabib). We certainly hope this fight happens, as it would be an amazing draw of Irish fans alike watching two of the best Hand-to-Hand Combat specialists from their country go to-to-toe.